We Carry a Variety of Cannabis Edibles

Looking for a medical marijuana shop in Waterville, ME?

Medical marijuana is becoming increasingly popular in and around Waterville, ME. Many of our customers find that it offers them numerous benefits. If you're interested in trying it for yourself, trust the staff at Amber Horizons to steer in you the right direction.

Bring in your medical marijuana card to shop our selection of cannabis edibles. We're happy to go over your various options-including flower, concentrates, drinks and extracts-with you to help you select the type of product you prefer.

Discover the potential benefits of cannabis

Discover the potential benefits of cannabis

Many of our customers find that consuming cannabis edibles provides them with numerous benefits. Our products may:

  • Increase appetite for those looking to gain weight
  • Help alleviate some forms of chronic pain
  • Assist in reducing migraines or headaches
  • Act as a calming agent to help reduce anxiety
  • Work to improve sleep quality and quantity

The best way to discover the potential benefits is to try the product for yourself. Stop by today to view our options.